Kirrawee ASP Works:

New 600KVA KL Kiosk Substation installation

Location: Kirrawee

Duration: 8 weeks

Value: $240,000

Client: Ausgrid

Project Scope Overview

MFS Contracting were tasked with the establishment to provide additional power to Kirrawee Sports complex.

MFS crews carried out all the civil works including the open cut trenching, cable installation and the completion of two under bores.

MFS successfully completed the scope and handed over to the client ready for the cut over.

Tasks Included


  • Construction of a new substation easement.
  • Pot holing of existing gas and water main, resulting in redesign of under bores.
  • The successful completion of 2 under bores.
  • Excavation and reinstatement of 210 metres of conduit installation with Thermally Stable Backfill (TSB) included.
  • Installation of 500 metres of 400AL3 and 250 metres of 4 by 415V 185 CU1 cable.
  • Excavation of joint bays in preparation for cut over.

Civil Works:

  • Pier construction in rock for new substation easement.
  • Permanent restoration for kerb, gutter and footpath.
  • Permanent restoration of all grassy areas.
  • Complimented Telstra’s remaining project scope, whilst completing multiple ITS relocation projects.


  1. Pier construction and bore construction through sandstone rock.   
  2. Tight timeframe and schedule.
  3. Inclement weather conditions resulting in delays and high levels of ground water.
  4. Completing of under bores rock depth of 4 metres, whilst dealing with ground water challenge due to sporadic rain.
  5. Thermally Stable Backfill was used. We were unable to backfill trench until the backfill had cured, which proved difficult in an area which was congested with local traffic and pedestrians.


  1. Floated in a 13-tonne excavator with rock Auger attachment. This greatly sped up pier construction. Previously it had taken the crew 10 hours to drill one footing with a 5-tonne excavator. The 13-tonne excavator completed the other 3 piers in a single 10-hour shift.
  2. Vacuum trucks on standby for de-watering purposes. Ph test results allowed us to de-water by pumping in carefully selected areas of the project.
  3. Clear, effective planning and communication were maintained and compliance with strict project scope and WHS standards were adhered to.
  4. Certified and approved shoring used in unison with an approved temporary works design. Geo technical sign off allowed works without shoring equipment in some parts of the project.
  5. Set up of pedestrian diversions where feasible. Approved RMS specification road plates were used in line with the projects approved temporary works design.


High client satisfaction.

All agreed utility works completed on time and within budget.

Stringent performance specifications were met.

Scope changes implemented only with relevant approvals on a needs-be basis.

MFS carried out strategic plan to a high level of accuracy and safety.

Obstacles were anticipated and mitigated against in a prudent manner with high level of due diligence carried out in advance.

Easement restrictions were respected and collaborative efforts were made to ensure a timely completion of the project within scope, schedule and budget.

Strong opportunity for repeat business and endorsement of MFS Contracting’s expertise as a result of successful completion of this demanding ASP project.